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Suppressing Duplicate Messages

You set suppression of duplicate messages by navigating to Administration - Application > Message Types > Responses.

A message is suppressed if a response has been logged for that message ID, response, and scope value (for example, [Party Id] = '12-W123'). For this reason, the message ID must be unique and invariant.

To enable suppression of duplicate messages

  1. Navigate to Administration - Application > Message Types.
  2. In the All Messages Types list applet, select the message type for which you want to suppress duplicates.
  3. Click the Responses tab to see the Responses list applet.
  4. In the Responses list applet, check the Suppress Repetition flag to set suppression for the message type response.
  5. In the Field field, specify the scope of the suppression, for example, the suppression may be limited to the Party ID field.
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