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Using the Instance Source Type to Work with Customizable Product Instance Property Sets

If you are working with customizable product instance property sets, use the Instance source type. The Instance source type retrieves data from the business component initiating the signal that causes the GetRowSetData method to be called. Data can also be retrieved from any parent or child business component.

To define the data element to be retrieved

  • In the Variable Sources list applet, set the Path to:



    $Current/Header/Price List Id

    $Current/Line Item/Quantity

    Uniform component and field names are defined by integration objects: ISS Quote, ISS Order, ISS Agreement, and ISS Asset.

    Each of these integration objects defines the specific business components and fields that provide data for a generic value such as Line Item/Quantity. For example, ISS Quote integration component Line Item maps to the Quote Item business component, whereas ISS Order has the Line Item integration component mapped to Order Entry - Line Items.

    NOTE:  To expose a custom business component field in a variable map, you must first add it to the corresponding ISS [XXX] integration object.

    The ISS integration objects associated with a particular business component are defined by user properties on the business component, for example: Instance Uniform Name EAI Object: [Business Object].

    NOTE:  Make sure that you create a user property for every business object in which the business component can be exposed.

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