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Republishing a Customization Package

If you change a metadata file, then you must republish the customization package that references the file. Siebel CRM Desktop downloads the changed metadata files as new metadata file records in the package.

To republish a customization package, it is recommended that you unpublish the old package and then create a new package. This allows you to make sure the new package works as expected. If necessary, you can adjust the new package until it works correctly. To revert to the old package, you can unpublish the new package and publish the old package.

To republish a customization package

  1. Unpublish the old customization package:
    1. With administrator privileges, log in to a Siebel client that is connected to the Siebel Server.
    2. Navigate to the Administration - CRM Desktop screen, and then the Packages view.
    3. Query the Package Name field of the Packages list for the package you must refresh.
    4. In the Packages list, click the link in the Package Name field.
    5. In the Package Details form, click Unpublish.
    6. Make sure the Siebel application changes the Status field of the Package Details form to Unpublished.
  2. Create and publish a new customization package.

    For more information, see Creating and Publishing the Customization Package.

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