Siebel Healthcare Provider Portal allows health insurance carriers to share information with healthcare providers through the Web. It allows providers to view claim status, check member eligibility status, and work with referrals and authorizations.

  • To set up Siebel Healthcare Provider Portal, you, as the health insurance carrier, go through the process of enrolling provider organizations. The health insurance carrier can add these providers' employees or can assign this task to a delegated administrator at each organization.
  • Then, the health insurance carrier can share claims, service requests, and other business information with their providers as they do with their own employees.
    • The health insurance carrier's employees work with this information using the Partner Manager, which lets them manage this information in the same way they do using their Siebel application.
    • Partner employees view and work with this information using Siebel Healthcare Provider Portal.
  • The health insurance carrier can also use Partner Manager to:
    • Send alerts, announcements, and Web messages to partners.
    • Share literature and solutions to frequently asked questions with healthcare providers.
    • View and respond to self-service requests that healthcare providers enter through the Healthcare Provider Portal.
    • View information about healthcare providers that they enter in the Profile screen of the Healthcare Provider Portal.

This chapter includes the following topics:

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