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Association of Agreements with Orders or Service Items

Siebel PRM for Communications, Media and Energy allows users to associate agreements with quotes and orders.

Agreements can be associated with quotes or orders in two ways:

  • At the header level. Choose an agreement in the header record if one agreement applies to all the items in the quote or order.
  • At the item level. Choose agreements in the item record if each item has its own agreement.

If you have licensed Siebel Order Management, when the quote is promoted to an order, all the associated information, including the agreement, is automatically associated with the order.

Siebel PRM for Communications, Media, and Energy also allows users to associate agreements with service items. This can also be done either at the header level, to associate a single agreement with all the service items, or at the item level, to associate different agreements with different service items.

Agreements can be used with the following types of partners:

  • Partners who service your product. The brand owner has already sold a product to a customer and created an agreement. He shares the service agreement with the partner. Then the partner provides service to the customer in keeping with the terms of the agreement.
  • Partners who sell your product. When the partner sells the product to a customer, the partner creates an order with an associated agreement. This may be a standard agreement, which the partner can use without brand owner approval, or the partner may have to submit the agreement to the brand owner for approval.

NOTE:  The agreements module is optimized for maintenance agreements, which are used when a customer buys a product and the manufacturer creates an agreement to maintain the product.

For more information about linking agreements to service items and working with agreements, see the section about agreements in Siebel Communications Guide or Siebel Energy Guide.

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