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Reviewing Application Inbox Information

The Application Inbox views provide a centralized view of all information about partner program applications. After you view this information, the Application Inbox also allows you to approve or reject applications.

NOTE:  Prospective and qualified partners can apply for partner programs but their applications will not appear in these views until they are registered. For information on registering a partner, see Process of Enrolling a New Partner Company

This task is a step in the Process of Reviewing Applications to Partner Programs.

To view application information

  1. Navigate to Partner Programs > Application Inbox view.
  2. Drill down on the Tracking # field for an application.

    General information about this application appears in the More Info view.

Viewing Application Details

The Application Detail view shows each question on the program application with the corresponding responses from the partner. These question/answer pairs can be in one of these two formats:

  • Smartscript Session: For questions where the Save Answer Table is checked. For more information on Smartscript, see Siebel SmartScript Administration Guide.
  • External Application: If membership applications are delivered using .jsp or .asp pages, the PPR Partner Program Application Detail Integration Component within the PPR Partner Program Integration Object must be used for mapping and integration.

To view application details

  1. Click the Application Detail view tab.
  2. For each question in the Question field, review the applicant's answers in the Answer field.

Viewing Application Attachments

The Attachments view shows any attachments submitted by the partner as part of the application.

To view application details

  1. Click the Attachments view tab.
  2. Review all attachments.

Viewing Application Activities

The Activities view shows activities associated with application approvals. These activities may be prepopulated based on an activity template defined for the program.

NOTE:  You can create an Activity Template (of type PRR Partner Prog Application) by navigating to the Administration - Data > Activity Templates view.

To view application activities

  1. Click the Activities tab.
  2. Review activities.

Viewing the Application Audit Trail

The Audit Trail view logs any updates made to key fields. For example, you can track updates to Status and Partner Name fields in the Audit Trail.

To view the application audit trail

  1. Click the Audit Trail tab.
  2. Review the audit trail.

Viewing Application MDF Programs

All Market Development Fund (MDF) programs that are associated with the partner program appear in the MDF Program view. After you approve the application, the partner is eligible for all these MDFs.

For more information about MDFs, see Using Market Development Funds.

Before you approve the partner's application, you should view these MDF programs and verify that the partner should be eligible for all of them. If so, you should generate an MDF program account for the partner.

The brand owner can also generate new MDF program accounts for the partner from this view as needed.

NOTE:  The following procedure applies to the Advanced MFD option only. For more information, see The Advanced MDF Option.

To view MDF programs associated with the application

  1. Click the MDF Programs tab.
  2. Review the MDF programs.
  3. Click Generate to generate an MFD program account for that partner.

Viewing Program Membership History

The Program Membership view displays a history of this partner's previous memberships in this program.

It is important to review the membership history to see whether this partner has been a member of this program in the past and has been terminated.

Reviewing the history, you might also find that the partner is already a member of the program. Two partner employees submitted applications to the program, and one has already been accepted. To view the partner's program membership history

  1. Navigate to the Partner Programs > Application Inbox view.
  2. Drill down on the Tracking Number for the application.
  3. Click the Program Membership view tab.
  4. Review the partner's history of membership in this program.

    The Program memberships list includes all memberships of this partner in this program, whatever their status.

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