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Personalizing Siebel PRM

Personalization means showing customers, employees, and partners what they want and need to see.

Some personalization is built into Siebel PRM. For example, when partners use the Siebel PRM Portal, it greets them by name and displays content targeted to their needs and interests.

You can personalize the application further by using Siebel Personalization to define rules to show and hide views, applets, and content dynamically. Personalization deployment rules can depend on data such as users' personal profile information, date ranges, their company, geographical information, and other parameters.

For information about administering personalization, see Siebel Personalization Administration Guide.

NOTE:  You can also provide targeted content to partners by using partner alerts, Siebel Briefings, and other features of Siebel PRM that are covered in Managing Your Partners.

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