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Business Services Used by Siebel PRM ASIs

A set of business services named PRM ANI Utility Services have been created to support both opportunity transfers and shopping cart transfers.

Most of these service methods deal with the manipulation of integration objects, and rely on the Siebel Adapter Service on the internal side. Whenever possible, follow usage examples from the workflows provided.

You can use the PRM ANI Utility Services in situations where there is only one instance of a component type in the hierarchy path. So if there are multiple instances of a contact under the opportunity, you cannot get the Contact element from the integration object because each hierarchy path provided (Account.Contact in this case) must be unique. If this constraint must be violated, then refer to each instance with a separate Integration Component Name. For example, if Person had the same type of data as Contact, then use a reference to Account.Person to store another contact.

Conventions for Hierarchy Paths

The following convention is used for hierarchy paths in a number of service methods:

Hierarchy paths are inputs of the form IC1.IC2.IC3..., where IC1, IC2, IC3, and so on, are Integration Component Names that tell the method how to traverse the object definition to find the right place to put the child. For example, when placing a business address under the account under the opportunity object, the path would read Opportunity.Account.

For the Set Child Type method, a slightly different methodology in the hierarchy path is used, as follows:

In the case of Set Child Type, refer to IC1, IC2, IC3, and so on as the actual structure of the Siebel hierarchy. The examples listed come from the ANI Shopping Cart Message (PRM ANI) Integration object.

The first three substrings will appear as follows: ChildObject.ListOfMessageType.RootComponentName. An example is:

SiebelMessage.ListOfANI Shopping Cart Message (PRM ANI).Message Details

The following substrings will alternate between ListOf Component Names and the Component Names themselves. An example is:

ListOfChannel Partner.Channel Partner.ListOfChannel Partner Business Address.Channel Partner Business Address

Methods of the PRM ANI Utility Services

The following methods are included in the PRM ANI Utility Services:

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