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About Enrolling New Partner Companies

Siebel PRM lets you share more sensitive information with partners with whom you have a formal business relationship. For example, if you have entered into a partnership with a company that will resell your product, it is important to share information about accounts, opportunities, and activities with that partner. Siebel PRM lets you share this information with the partner's employees in the same way that you would your own employees. To provide access to this data, you give the partner employees login access to the Siebel PRM Portal.

To do this, you must follow a series of steps that will set up this partner company in your system. Typically, this process begins when the partner uses the Siebel PRM online registration to apply to be a part of your partner program. There are other ways that a partnership can be initiated, which are discussed in the section Other Ways of Adding Partner Records.

The process of adding partners depends on the following data and structures that are put in place by your system administrator or channel operations manager when Siebel PRM is initially set up:

  • The organization structure must be established so that you can place this new partner organization into the existing organization hierarchy.
  • Partner responsibilities must exist in order to assign these responsibilities to the partner organization.
  • Access groups must also have been created so that the new partner can be placed in the appropriate access groups and be given access to master data.

These steps are described in Setting Up Siebel PRM.

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