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Assigning Positions to the Partner Company

This task is a step in Process of Enrolling a New Partner Company.

Positions specify which data Siebel applications users can see when they display one of the "My" views. For example, if a user displays the My Opportunities view, the user sees the opportunities that have that user's position on the sales team.

For this reason, most Siebel implementations give a different position to each employee. For example, Siebel implementations would generally use positions such as Salesperson-042233 and Salesperson-042234 to give each of their salespeople a unique position. Then, when salespeople display My Opportunities view, for example, they see only their opportunities, not the opportunities of other salespeople.

Because positions are used this way, you can assign data to new employees who replace other employees simply by giving them the positions of the employees they are replacing (such as Salesperson-042233) to give them visibility to the data they need.

If you are using delegated administration, which lets administrators at partner companies add employees at their company, you must create at least one position for the delegated administrator. You will generally want the delegated administrators to create positions in addition to adding employees, since they generally must create a new position whenever they add a new employee.

If you are not using delegated administration, you will have to add positions for all partner employees.

For more information about positions and responsibilities, see Siebel Security Guide.

To assign positions to a partner company

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Partner screen > Registered Partners view.
  2. In the Partners list, drill down on the name for the partner company to which you are assigning the positions.
  3. Click the Positions view tab.

    The Positions view appears.

  4. In the Positions list, add a new record.
  5. Enter information in the Position form to create a new position.
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