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Best Practices for Siebel Web Client Tuning

You should consider your hardware resources and requirements carefully prior to rolling out configuration changes, to make sure that business requirements have been met and the client performs as anticipated in the design phase.

Review guidelines presented elsewhere in this book, particularly in Tuning Customer Configurations for Performance and in other relevant documents on the Siebel Bookshelf.

Ongoing testing and monitoring of your system performance is strongly recommended as database characteristics change over time.

To maintain an optimally performing system over time, you must plan for growth or other changes in your deployed application.

Activities you perform to achieve performance and scalability goals may include the following:

  • Adjusting your system topology
  • Configuring the Siebel application in Siebel Tools
  • Configuring Siebel Server components, particularly the AOM
  • Adjusting hardware resources available on local machines
  • Adjusting operating system settings on server or client machines
  • Adjusting Web server settings or network settings
  • Adjusting Web browser settings
  • Setting user preferences for Siebel applications
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