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General Best Practices for Customer Configurations

This section provides some general best practices for customer configuration using Siebel Tools.

Using your hardware resources optimally, and configuring your system appropriately, can help you to achieve your performance goals. You should consider your resources and requirements carefully, and test and monitor system performance on a continual basis.

The Siebel application architecture has been designed and tuned for optimal performance, making use of features such as database indexes, data caching, RDBMS cursors, efficient SQL generation, native database APIs, and so on. However, custom configurations may have various potential performance pitfalls, the impact of which may be amplified in environments with large databases and wide data distribution across servers. Follow guidelines presented here and in other documentation to avoid such problems.

In addition to the topics in this section, see also:

Review information presented in Configuring Siebel Business Applications and other documentation on the Siebel Bookshelf, and other sources.

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