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Improving HTTP Inbound Transport Performance

The HTTP Inbound Transport supports two modes, session mode and sessionless mode:

  • In session mode, the session stays live until a logoff call is made
  • In sessionless mode, login and logoff occur automatically for each request

You should use session mode whenever possible, because the time required to log into the application is usually significantly longer than the time required to process an average request.

You can also use the SessPerSisnConn component parameter to control the number of sessions sharing the same physical SISNAPI connection between the Web server and the EAI Object Manager.

Setting this parameter to 1 provides a dedicated physical connection for each Siebel session. The default value is 20, to allow up to 20 sessions to share the same SISNAPI connection. For the EAI Object Manager, it is recommended that you set SessPerSisnConn to 1. If setting SessPerSisnConn to 1 results in an excessive number of sessions, consider increasing the value of SessPerSisnConn or provide additional hardware resources.

You can change this parameter using srvrmgr at the Enterprise or Server level. For example, to set the parameter at the Enterprise level for the EAI Object Manager, you enter the following command:

change param SessPerSisnConn=1 for compdef eaiobjmgr_enu

For more information about configuring SessPerSisnConn, see Configuring SISNAPI Connection Pooling for AOM.

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