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Running EIM Tasks in Parallel

Running EIM tasks in parallel is the last strategy you should adopt in order to increase the EIM throughput rate. In other words, do not try this until all long-running SQL statements have been tuned, the optimal batch size has been determined, the optimal number of records to be processed at a time in the EIM table has been determined, and the database has been appropriately tuned. Before running tasks in parallel, check the value of the Maximum Tasks parameter. This parameter specifies the maximum number of running tasks that can be run at a time for a service. For more information about this parameter, see the Siebel System Administration Guide.

NOTE:  UPDATE STATISTICS must be set to FALSE in the .IFB file when running parallel EIM tasks on the IBM DB2 platform. Failure to do so can cause EIM tasks and executing RUNSTATS to take a longer time to complete. Also, when running parallel EIM tasks, deadlock and timeout will occur if UPDATE STATISTICS is set to TRUE in the .IFB file.

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