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Tuning Operating Systems for Performance

This chapter describes tuning steps designed to improve the performance and scalability of your Siebel Enterprise installation. This chapter contains the following topics:

Before doing any of the procedures in this chapter, you must have completed the minimum necessary configuration steps described in the chapters about installing the Siebel Gateway Name Server and the Siebel Server contained in the Siebel Installation Guide for the operating system you are using.

For additional information about tuning and monitoring, see Siebel System Monitoring and Diagnostics Guide and Siebel System Administration Guide.

NOTE:  Settings provided in this appendix are based on a controlled lab environment using a standard Siebel application, such as Siebel Call Center for Siebel Industry Applications. The degree of performance gained by using these settings at your site depends on your implementation. Contact your vendor for additional tuning recommendations for your supported operating system platform.

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