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Minimizing Usage of Parameter Search Specification

Although the server component parameter Search Specification (alias SearchSpec) is a feature of Siebel Workflow, it is recommended that you minimize your use of this parameter with workflow processes that are frequently invoked.

Minimizing SearchSpec use, especially for frequently invoked processes, improves Workflow engine performance during runtime because the engine does not have to construct the SearchSpec string.

It is important, however, that you do not completely avoid using SearchSpec. Not using this parameter can indicate actions taking place on the current row in some cases, and on all rows in other cases. For specific guidelines, note the following:

  • For Siebel operations, minimize usage of SearchSpec.
  • For batch process requests, use SearchSpec on the business object to limit the number of rows processed.

Indexing Fields in SearchSpec

If you determine that SearchSpec does need to be used, make sure that all the fields being used are properly indexed. Proper indexing of the fields helps Siebel Workflow and the underlying database to efficiently build queries.

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