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About Siebel Workflow

Siebel Workflow is an interactive software tool that automates business processes.

Workflow processes are designed and administered using the Business Process Designer, a graphical user interface provided through Siebel Tools. Designing, planning, creating, and testing individual workflow processes using the Business Process Designer are described in detail in Siebel Business Process Framework: Workflow Guide.

Workflow Policies and Workflow Processes are two components of Siebel Workflow that are designed and created when automating a business process. These components are defined as follows:

  • Workflow Processes. The representation of a business process. A workflow process comprises one or more steps that indicate when a business process starts and ends and includes information about individual activities within the business process.
  • Workflow Policies. A systematic expression of a business rule. A workflow policy contains one or more policy conditions and one or more policy actions. If all the policy conditions for a workflow policy are true, then the policy action occurs when all the policy conditions are met. A workflow policy is contained by one workflow policy group and is related to one workflow policy object. A workflow policy contains additional properties that govern its behavior.
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