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Using the Policy Frequency Analysis View

The Policy Frequency Analysis view provides a list of all executed policies. The Policy Frequency Analysis view is available to analyze how frequently policies are executed over time.

This view displays a log of all the policies executed, as evidenced by a Workflow Monitor Agent process. The policy maker can monitor Workflow Agent process activity to determine if the current policies are adequate, if new policies need to be created, or if policies need to be refined.

The Policy Frequency Analysis view lets you view Policy Log data in a graphical format. The log information is generated by Siebel Server components for Workflow Policies. You access the Policy Frequency Analysis view from the Siebel client by navigating to Policy Frequency Analysis view in the Administration - Business Process screen.

The Policy Frequency Analysis view contains the following fields:

  • Policy. The name of the policy that was executed.
  • Workflow Object. The name of the assigned workflow policy object.
  • Object Identifier. The ID of the workflow policy object for which the policy was executed.
  • Object Values. Identifying information for the row that executed the policy.
  • Event. The date and time of the policy execution event.
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