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Defining the External Host

You define the external data hosts in the Host Administration view. This view allows you to:

  • Maintain external host names in a single place.
  • Specify NCSA Basic authentication credentials.
  • Define how links should be handled (fixed-up) after external HTML content is rendered.

To define a data host

  1. Navigate to Site Map > Administration - Integration > WI Symbolic URL List.
  2. From the drop-down menu, select Host Administration.
  3. Enter a new record and define the necessary fields.

    Some of the fields are described in the following table:



    Name of the external host.

    Virtual Name

    User-defined name for the host.

    Authentication Type

    Select NCSA Basic if the external application requires username and password values sent in plain text in the request header.

    Leave this value blank in either of the following cases:

    • The external application has no authentication requirements.
    • The external application uses form-based authentication and thus requires authentication arguments sent in the header or body of the request. Arguments to be sent along in the request are defined using the Symbolic URL Arguments applet. See Defining Symbolic URLs for more information.

    Authentication Value

    Enter the values required for NCSA Basic authentication.

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