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Defining End-User Login Credentials

The Portal Framework provides a mechanism to store user login credentials for external Web applications. The SSO Systems Administration view allows you to specify an external application and then enter login credentials on behalf of users. The My Logins view, located in the User Preferences screen, is used by end users to maintain their own credentials.

To specify an external Web application and define login credentials

  1. Navigate to View > Site Map > Administration - Integration > SSO Systems Admin List.
  2. In the SSO Systems list, enter a new record and define the following:

System Name

Name of the external Web application.

Symbolic URL Name

Select the name of the Symbolic URL that interacts with the external Web application.

The symbolic URL must be configured with the UserLoginId and UserLoginPassword commands as arguments. These arguments instruct the symbolic URL to pass the stored login credentials when authenticating with an external Web application.


Enter a description of the Web application.

  1. If you are defining login credentials on behalf of end users, in the SSO System Users list enter end-user login names and passwords.
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