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Overview of the XML Web Interface

The XML interface provides access to Siebel business applications through the Siebel Web Engine (SWE). SWE generates user interface, in HTML or WML, using views, applets, and templates. These UI constructs provide access to and filtering for business object and business component data. They also provide access to visibility, navigation, and security. By rendering the XML based on the underlying SWE technology, the XML interface exposes business object and business component data, and UI elements and constructs, such as visibility, navigation, edit presence, personalization, and security.

NOTE:  Most Siebel applets, with the exception of applets based on specialized applet classes, can be rendered in XML through the XML interface.

The XML interface can be invoked using the following methods:

  • Server configuration parameters
  • Inbound URL query string parameters
  • Inbound HTTP post of XML document
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