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XML-Specific Template Tag

The XML-specific template tag looks like this:



Specifies the name of the XSLT stylesheet to perform the XSLT on the XML output document. The stylesheet must reside in the application's webtempl directory. There is only one <swe:xsl-stylesheet> tag for each view. If more than one <swe:xslstylesheet> tag is specified in the view, the last tag found gets used.


name. Specifies the name of the stylesheet.

mode. You can set the mode to either process or embed. When set to process, SWE performs XSLT processing on the XML output and sends the transformed document as the response back to the client. When set to embed, SWE inserts an XML processing instruction in the beginning of the XML document for external XSLT processing.


<swe:xsl-stylesheet name= "table.xsl" mode= "process"/>

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