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Creating New Discount Matrix Types for Custom Tables

NOTE:  This section includes instructions that assume you are familiar with Siebel Tools. For more information, see Using Siebel Tools.

To create a new discount matrix based on a custom table, do the following in Siebel Tools:

  • Create a Business Component on top of the custom table:
    • Create the Default Columns user property:
      • Name: Default Columns
      • Value: <buscomp field names separated by # sign>

        This user property controls which columns always display in the Discount Matrix Details List applet for the new Discount Matrix Type.

  • Create the Dimension Columns user property:
    • Name: Dimension Columns
    • Value: <buscomp field names separated by # sign>

      This user property controls which criteria dimensions will appear in the discount criteria pick applet for the new Discount Matrix Type.

  • Add the new matrix type to the Discount Matrix Type LOV:
    • Type: ADJ_GROUP_TYPE
    • Display Value: <the new matrix type>
    • LIC: <the new matrix type>
  • Modify the Discount Matrix Business Component as follows:
    • Add the following Business Component User Property
    • Name: <Display Value of New Matrix Type from LOV>
    • Value: Adjustment Group#New Matrix BC Name#

      This user property inserts the Business Object and Business Component values into the appropriate fields on the discount matrix header when the discount matrix type is selected.

  • Create a new Discount Matrix Details list applet for the new Business Component:
    • Name: <any name>
    • Business Component: <new matrix buscomp>
    • Class: CSSSWEFrameListPSPAdjRule
    • List Columns: <all fields from the new matrix Business Component that could possibly appear as criteria or default dimensions>

      NOTE:  Specialized applet class will only show dimensions defined and default columns from the Business Component user property.

  • Create a new Discount Matrix Details view as follows:
    • Name: <any name>
    • Business Object: Adjustment Group
    • View Web Template Items:
      • Adjustment Group form applet
      • New Applet from Above
  • Modify the Adjustment Group list applet as follows:
    • Create a New Drilldown Object:
      • Name: <new matrix type>
      • Hyperlink Field: Name
      • Destination View: <name of new details view>
    • Create a Dynamic Drilldown Destination for the new Drilldown Object:
      • Name: <new matrix type>
      • Field: Type - LIC
      • Value: <new matrix type LIC value from LOV>
      • Destination Drilldown Object: <name of drilldown object created in previous step>
  • Add the new view to the Administration - Pricing screen:
    • Name: <name of the new view>
    • View: <name of the new view>
    • Type: Details view
    • Parent Category: Adjustment Group Details

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