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Integration Methods for Siebel Pricer

Siebel Pricer supports the following types of integration:

  • Internal integration. This allows you to configure the Siebel application so that Siebel Pricer works with other Siebel business objects. Without configuration, Siebel Pricer works with quotes, orders, and agreements. For more information, see Internal Integration of Siebel Pricer.
  • External integration. This allows you to integrate Siebel Pricer with other external applications, such as back office applications, in the following ways:
    • External integration using Universal Application Network (UAN). You can use Siebel UAN to integrate Pricer with other applications. Quotes and orders that exist on the external system are replicated as Siebel Quote and Order records using UAN. Pricer then uses the same methods used for internal integration. For more information, see External Integration of Siebel Pricer Using UAN.
    • External integration using Pricer as a service. You can use the Siebel Pricer engine without using the Siebel interface. Use this method when your business model does not require the external quotes and orders to be replicated in the Siebel application. For more information, see External Integration of Siebel Pricer Using Pricer as a Service.
  • Integration using the Pricer API. The API is retained to support users who used the Pricer API in earlier versions of the Siebel application, but for whom it is no longer the best practice in version 7.8 or later. For more information, see Siebel Pricing Manager API Reference.
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