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About Aggregate Discounts

When you define aggregate discounts, you specify a bundle of items and the discount that applies to specific items if the user buys the entire bundle.

For example, you might specify that customers who buy a dining room table and four chairs would get 10 percent off on the price of the chairs.

In addition to the method described in this chapter, there are two other ways to create aggregate discounts:

  • Simple Product Bundles. In simple cases, you can create a simple product bundle with all the products in the promotion and create a special price for the bundle. For example, create a product bundle with a dining room table and four chairs, and set a price for this bundle that is less than the total of the individual prices of these items. For more information about simple bundle pricing, see Creating a Price List Line Item for a Simple Product Bundle.
  • Product Promotions. Product promotions allow you to create bundled promotions, to show these promotions in quotes, orders, and catalogs, and to recommend these promotions to customers who buy products in the bundle. This is usually the preferred method of creating bundle discounts. For more information, see Creating Product Promotions.

NOTE:  If you use an aggregate discount with other types of price adjustments, the final price depends on the order in which Siebel Pricer applies the pricing adjustments. For more information, see About the Processing Order of Price Adjustments.

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