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About Component-Based Pricing

Products with components include components that are themselves products in the product table. For example, if you sell computer monitors, CD-ROMs, and disk drives, you also sell several models of desktop computer that include these products as components.

This chapter explains how to set up pricing for products with components, as follows:

  • View a product in the Pricing Designer. You can use the Pricing Designer to view a product's components and for the other functionality described in this chapter.
  • Set up component-based pricing. You set up pricing so the total price of a product either equals a base price plus the price of optional components, or equals the total price of all components.
  • Create relation-based price adjustments. You can give customers discounts if they buy components as part of a specific product package. These are called relation-based price adjustments.

This chapter assumes that you have background knowledge about products with components. For more information about products with components, see Siebel Product Administration Guide.

If you create several types of price adjustments for products with components, the order in which price adjustments are processed can affect the final price. For more information, see About the Processing Order of Price Adjustments.

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