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Single and Multiple Type Attribute Adjustments

After determining which attributes affect pricing, you must decide whether you need a single-attribute or multiple-attribute pricing adjustment table.

When you create an Attribute Adjustment record, you use the Type field to specify that it is a single-condition or a multiple-condition adjustment as follows:

  • Single condition. Use this type if the price adjustments are based on condition dimensions that apply in isolation from each other. For example, a product with the attributes Size and Color could have a price adjustment for each of these individual attributes and not for a combination of both. In this case, set up a single type attribute adjustment table.
  • Multiple condition. Use this type if the combination of condition dimensions affect pricing—for example, if the product size and its color together determine the price adjustment.

Single-condition attribute adjustments used for attribute pricing are relatively simple to create if you need them. For information, see Process of Creating an Attribute Adjustment.

Before you begin creating multiple-condition attribute adjustments, decide on the following fields:

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