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Enhancements Introduced in Siebel Pricer Version 7.8

The most important enhancements introduced in Siebel Pricer 7.8 are summarized in this section.

Pricing Is Based on Pricing Procedures

Pricing logic is defined using pricing procedures. These procedures are based on the Product Selection and Pricing (PSP) engine. The advantage of using the PSP engine is that pricing is fully configurable. For more information about the PSP engine, see Siebel Order Management Infrastructure Guide. For information about the procedures used for pricing, see Siebel Pricer Technical Reference.

Because you can use pricing procedures to define pricing logic, pricing models and pricing factors are no longer used in Siebel Pricer version 7.8 or later.

Effective Dates for Line Items

You can set the effective dates for the line items of price lists, cost lists, discount matrices, component product price adjustments, or service prices. For more information, see Giving a Product Multiple Prices with Different Effective Dates.

Discount Matrices

Matrix-based administration of price adjustments using discount matrices is allowed. For more information, see Creating Discount Matrices.

Attribute Adjustments

You use attribute adjustments view to specify pricing for products with attributes. For more information, see Creating Attribute Adjustments.

Price Waterfalls

Call center agents and sales representatives can view a price waterfall that shows the calculations that were used to arrive at the net price that is displayed in a quote, order, or agreement. For more information, see Pricing Waterfalls.

Enhancements in Pricing for Component Products

The following pricing enhancements for component products are available:

  • Product versioning allows you to create multiple future release versions for products.
  • Line item effective dates in a price list allow you to create multiple line items in a price list for a product, with different effective dates and different prices.
  • Every component adjustment can have an effective start and end date.

For more information, see Setting Up Pricing for Products with Components.

Volume Discount Enhancements

Volume discounts provide multiple types of price adjustments, such as percentage markup and markup amount. For more information, see Creating Volume Discounts.

Enhancements Across the Application

In addition to the features used to set up pricing, there are also many enhancements to pricing behavior in quotes and orders. For example, there is support for multiple price types and multiple currencies. For more information, see Pricing in the Run-Time Application.

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