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Clearing Pricing Data from the Cache

After price list data is read from the database, it is cached in memory to improve performance. If a price list is modified, the cached pricing data may no longer be valid.

When modified or newly developed pricing data is added to the database, the user clicks the Clear Cache button to remove cached data that may be obsolete.

The Clear Cache button is available in the Price Lists view, Volume Discount view, and many other views. In any view, it clears only the selected price list, volume discount, or other pricing data from the cache. Other pricing data remains in the cache to improve performance.

For information about setting up caching, see Siebel Order Management Infrastructure Guide.

To clear pricing data from the cache

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Pricing screen > Price Lists view, Volume Discount view, or other appropriate view.
  2. Select one or more Price List records, Volume Discount records, or other pricing records whose cached data may be obsolete.
  3. Click Clear Cache.
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