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About Price Lists

A price list is a set of standard prices for products or services.

A product must exist in a price list so that it appears in a catalog. So, the price list is one of the requirements for a product's visibility.

A product price defined in a price list is commonly used as the starting price for other prices generated by Siebel Pricer. Test the price list thoroughly before applying more advanced price adjustments.

This chapter describes the four common ways of creating a price list:

  • Create a new price list
  • Copy and modify an existing price list
  • Copy and transform an existing price list
  • Import price lists from other applications using Siebel Enterprise Integration Manager (EIM)

After you create a price list, you must assign it to customers so that it controls the prices available to customers.

A product can appear in many different price lists. For example, you can create:

  • One price list with the wholesale prices for all of your products.
  • One price list with the retail prices for all of your products.

The line item records of these two price lists will have different prices for the same products. You assign these price lists to the appropriate customers.

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