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About Product Promotions for Customizable Products

If the end user selects a promotion with a special configuration, and then displays Siebel Configurator to configure the product, the rules defined for a promotion are enforced within the Configurator session.

For example, a specific model of computer may have hundreds of possible configurations, but a promotional offer may allow only a few of these configurations. The promotion may require you to get a specific processor and either a 20 GB or 30 GB hard drive, even though many other possible hard drives are allowed by the configuration rules.

In this example, the user must display Configurator to choose the amount of RAM, the computer monitor, and other features besides the processor and hard drive. Configurator allows you to choose any one of the features that the configuration rules allow. However, Configurator lets you choose only the processor required by the promotion, and it lets you choose between only the 20 GB and 30 GB hard drive that the promotion allows, even though other processors and other hard drives may be allowed by the general configuration rules.

When you create a promotion for customizable products, you can define additional constraints beyond the constraints defined in Configurator. You can create additional constraints in the following ways:

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