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About Rate Lists

A rate list is a set of standard rates for resources that bill by the hour. For example, if you run a temporary employment agency, you might charge your customers different standard hourly rates for employees who do word processing, who do data entry, who do secretarial work, and who answer the phone at a call center. These hourly rates for these different types of resources would be included on your rate list.

After you have set up rate lists administratively, they are used by service orders and time sheets to calculate the cost of resources.

If you assign a product price in a rate list, it can appear in catalogs. Rate lists control the visibility of products, just as price lists do.

This chapter covers the general process of creating rate lists. More detailed processes for using rate lists with specific features of Siebel applications are covered in other books. Common uses of rate lists include:

  • Project Management for Professional Services. Rate lists let you manage projects that use professional services to determine the billing rates for professional services for that project. For more information, see Siebel Professional Services Automation Guide.
  • Field Service. Rate lists determine the rates that customers pay for the time of field service representatives. For more information, see Siebel Field Service Guide.
  • Pricing Screen. After the pricing administrator sets up rate lists using the Administration - Pricing screen, employees can view rate lists using the Pricing screen.

This chapter looks at three common ways of creating a rate list:

  • Create a new rate list
  • Copy and modify an existing rate list
  • Copy and transform an existing rate list

After you create a rate list, you must assign it to users to make it control the rates they pay. For example, if you run a temporary help agency, you may charge different rates to customers who need help for short-term projects and long-term projects, or you may charge different rates to larger and smaller customers. You would create and assign different rate lists to these customers to make their rates visible to them.

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