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Volume Discounts and Products with Components

Products with component are discussed in Setting Up Pricing for Products with Components. This section explains how volume discounts apply to component products.

The pricing procedure completes the pricing for the product with components before applying any volume discounts. For more information, see About the Processing Order of Price Adjustments.

Volume discounts can apply to the components of a customizable product. For example, if disk drives are one component of a computer, you can give volume discounts based on the number of disk drives within a single instance of a disk drive in the customizable product. The volume discount applies to an individual line item within a customizable product, and takes into account the existence of multiple instances of the disk drive within the customizable product or quote. However, you can configure the product so it applies discounts based on the quantity in multiple line items of an order, as described in Volume Discounts Across Line Items.

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