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About Pricing Integration with Siebel Configurator

Siebel Pricer works in conjunction with Siebel Configurator to provide updated pricing information during a configuration session. There are two methods for obtaining updated pricing information: automatic and manual. You select which method to use when you select a base theme.

Automatic price updates is the default method and is the method used by the default base theme. Base themes that provide manual price updates are labeled as such when displayed in the dialog box where you select the base theme. Unless labeled otherwise, base themes use the automatic price update method.

With automatic price updates, the pricing of the entire product with components is updated when the session starts, each time a new solution is created during the session, and when the session ends. When the user picks a product, the price of the product displays automatically.

With manual price updates, the pricing of the entire product with components is updated when the session starts, when the user clicks the Check Price button, and when the session ends. During the session, prices are not updated automatically when the user picks a product. The user must click the Check Price button to obtain the prices of the products they select.

When a price update occurs during a configuration session Siebel Pricer pricing elements trigger in the following order:

  1. Component-based pricing adjustments
  2. Attribute-based pricing adjustments
  3. Pricing procedures. Only pricing that applies to the individual product triggers. Aggregate and volume discount pricing does not trigger.

When the session ends, Siebel Pricer pricing elements trigger in the same order.

When building a customizable product, use automatic price updates. Switch to manual price updates only if performance becomes too slow. The sequence of events after the user selects a product is as follows:

  • Siebel Configurator engine computes a new solution
  • Siebel Configurator engine forwards the solution to Siebel Pricer
  • Siebel Pricer returns pricing for all items in the solution
  • Siebel Configurator redisplays the selection page

If you do not need interactive pricing, consider switching to manual price updates.

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