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Example of Modifying the Display Name of a Customizable Product

You have a customizable product called Premier Workstation. You want to display your company logo to the left of the product name in the base theme. The logo filename is logo1.gif. You have placed the file in the Siebel installation subdirectory \PUBIC\enu\IMAGES (NT path syntax, English language installation).

Use the User Interface view to create the Web pages for configuring the customizable product. Validate the customizable product, and verify that the pages display correctly.

To create a new base theme Web template and assign it to the customizable product

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Product screen, and then the Product Definitions view.
  2. In the Products list, select and lock the desired customizable product.
  3. In the Versions list, click the Work Space version.
  4. In the User Interface view, click the select button in the Base Theme field and open the dialog box.
  5. Write down the filename of the base theme.
  6. Open the base theme Web template and save it to a new file name: eCfgNewProductTheme.swt
  7. Open the new template and locate the swe.control element. Set CfgFieldName=".NewProductName". The first character in the variable name must be a period (.). The variable name must be surrounded by quotes. Save the file.
  8. In the customizable product Work Space record, click the select button in the Base Theme field and open the dialog box.
  9. Click Add and add the new template. Then, select it as the base theme template.

To define a UI property for the customizable product

  1. Navigate to the Properties view and select the customizable product.
  2. Define a UI property for it as follows:
    • Name. NewProductName. Do not put a period before the name. This is the variable name you inserted in the template file.
    • Value. <img src="\images\logi1.gif"> Premier Workstation.
  3. Open the Item Display Properties menu and click Validate.

    This starts a configuration session. Verify that the customizable product display name is correct.

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