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Creating a Cost List

Cost lists record the estimated costs to your organization for providing specified services. Cost lists are used along with rate lists. The difference between the cost of a service and the rate you charge for that service is your profit margin for that service. Your organization can have multiple cost lists, to reflect how costs differ in various locations or other situations.

The following procedures describe how to set up a cost list. First you must create a cost list record, and then you associate cost list line items with it.

To create a cost list record

  1. Navigate to the Administration - Pricing screen > Cost List view.
  2. In the Cost Lists More Info form, create a new record.
  3. Complete the necessary fields.

    Some fields are described in the following table.


    Cost List

    Required. Name to identify the cost list.


    Read-only. Date and time the cost list record was created. Automatically populated.

    Created By

    User ID of the person who created the cost list. Automatically populated.


    Text field for information about the cost list.

    Effective From

    Required. First date on which the cost list is valid and available.

    Effective To

    Last date on which the cost list is valid and available.


    Portion of your company that uses and maintains the cost list. Defaults to the organization of the user who creates the record.


    Last date on which the record was modified. Automatically populated. Read-only.

    Updated By

    User ID of the last person to modify the record. Automatically populated. Read-only.

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