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Scenario for Resource Management

This scenario provides an example of a process performed by a resource manager. Your company may follow a different process according to its business requirements.

The resource manager at a large consulting company uses his Siebel application to fill resource requests for project managers and to staff projects. As the resource manager navigates to the Resource Requests screen, Unassigned Resource Requests view, he sees there are several new requests to be filled. He can see a need for three resources that are unfilled, each of which has specific skills required to meet the staffing requirements. Looking at the developer role, he can see that the qualified individual must have expert skills in Microsoft Visual Studio and have intermediate skills in Windows 2000. Not only are the product skills important, but the qualified resource must also be able to speak Japanese. The project manager entered these necessary skills for each role in the Team Workbook for the project.

The resource manager can choose the developer role, and search for qualified employees. First, he specifies the acceptable minimum skill and availability scores he wants to use in the resource search. After supplying the criteria and getting the results, he is given the number of resources that match the skills criteria and the number of resources available to fill the project role.

After the resource manager has found people with the appropriate skills, he navigates to the Potential Resources view where he sees a list of candidates. He sorts the list by Availability score. To make sure the resources are available during the desired time frame, he checks the Resources Availability view which shows a Gantt chart of each potential resource's availability. After verifying that the resource is available, he clicks the menu button and selects Add to Project Team and the resource appears in the Team Workbook view.

The resource manager can also check the Notes view to see any additional information, such as client special requests.

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