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About Time Reporting and Time Sheets

Many procedures in this chapter resemble procedures for expense reports. The end-user procedures in this chapter can be used by any Siebel application user who needs to report time spent on specific projects or work tasks.

Siebel time reporting allows your organization to log and track how time is spent so you can detect and eliminate inefficiencies, allocate your resources, and bill customers appropriately. You can measure costs of sales and monitor actual versus budgeted project costs. You can gather and analyze information about how time is used at the project, task, or activity level, according to your business requirements.

At the operational level, employees can log their time in a diary format or directly into time sheets covering specific periods. Automated notification and routing speed up the time sheet approval process. Managers can adjust billable hours directly, or can return time sheets to subordinates for correction. Finally, the time reporting functionality in your Siebel application can be integrated with a back-office system for customer invoicing.

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