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Migrating Custom Reports

Migrating custom reports involves a short process to complete. The following steps will need to be completed for each custom report you have created.

Before starting, make sure that the latest release of Actuate e.Report Designer Professional is installed on your machine. The following upgrade instructions are specifically for reports 6.0 and later.

To upgrade a custom report to Siebel release 8.x for Actuate 8

  1. Using an existing custom report from Actuate release 6.0 and later, locate an ROD file.

    Note that the rod file extension indicates the file is a report design file.

  2. In Siebel Tools, chose a desired report object definition in the Reports OBLE.
  3. From the application-level menu, choose Tools, and then the Generate Actuate Report menu item.
  4. Place the ROD file, the generated ROL file, and other necessary libraries, in a directory on your machine.
  5. Open the ROD file in Actuate e.Report Designer Professional.
  6. Compile the report to generate an ROX file by choosing the Build option from the Report menu.
  7. Note that the rox file extension indicates the file is a report executable file.

NOTE:  When upgrading the sscustom.rol file from one release to the next, the format of the file is upgraded, but any custom changes are not upgraded. After an upgrade you must manually add any changes and adjustments to the new version of sscustom.rol.

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