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About the Fetch Method on the Combined Datastream

The Fetch method on the combined datastream gets data from the global list. For each row in the global list, the GetAt method on the global list variable is invoked to obtain the data, and the AddRow method on the parent data sort filter component is invoked to pass the data row to the filter.

The code for the Fetch method on the combined datastream is as follows:

Function Fetch( ) As AcDataRow

Dim curList As AcList

Dim curDataRow As CombinedDataRow

' Acquire a reference variable to the global RowList from first report

   Set curList = RowList

   If curList is Nothing then

   'MsgBox "failure to acquire Row List"

       Exit Function

   End If

' Set the data row to the Item in the list at the current position

   Set curDataRow = curList.GetAt(Position)

   If curDataRow Is Nothing Then

      Exit Function

   End If

   Set Fetch = curDataRow

   AddRow (Fetch)

End Function

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