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About Configuring Parameters for Reports

Parameterized reports allow users to pass data into a report executable at runtime and customize the output of that report. The user may narrow the query, sort specification, or grouping by a field at the report's execution time. A parameterized report can produce different reports from the same report executable. The administrator defines the parameters and the attributes of a report during design time in Siebel Tools. For more information on report parameters, see Developing Actuate Basic Reports using Actuate e.Report Designer Professional in the Actuate folder of the Siebel Business Applications Third-Party Bookshelf.

Siebel Business Applications include several parameterized reports. Most of the parameterized reports are available in the Forecasting, Opportunity, and eAuction modules. When requesting a parameterized report, the Parameters window appears after selecting the report from the drop-down list. If the report is run using the Schedule Report option, the Schedule a Report window appears after the parameters on the Parameters window are specified.

NOTE:  Some applications may not include parameterized reports.

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