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Reporting in the Siebel Web Clients

This chapter describes the user interaction with Siebel Reports in the Siebel Web Client and Developer Web Client (both connected and disconnected modes).

The Siebel Reports Server is an out-of-the box integration of the Actuate iServer System. While the end user interaction with Siebel Reports is completely within the Siebel application, the administrator still needs to administer the reports encyclopedia using Actuate Management Console. For users to run reports in the Web Client and connected Developer Web Client, the administrator must have installed the Siebel Reports Server as described in the Siebel Installation Guide for the operating system you are using.

NOTE:  In the disconnected mode of the Developer Web Client, you can only run reports interactively and the Siebel Reports Server views are not available.

The following topics are included in this chapter:

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