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Launching the Actuate Management Console

Use the following procedure to launch the Actuate Management Console.

This task is a step in Process of Launching the Actuate Management Console.

NOTE:  The following procedure assumes the Actuate services have been started. For more information about Actuate services, see Starting the Actuate Services.

To launch the Actuate Management Console

  1. From the Start Menu, choose Start, All Programs, Actuate 8, and then Actuate Management Console.

    You may also be able to start the Actuate Management Console by launching Internet Explorer, and then typing http://[machine name]:8900/acadmin/login.jsp into the Address bar.

  2. At the log in screen, enter your User name and Password, and then click Log In.

    It may not be necessary to enter a password to log in to the Actuate Management Console, depending on how the application was configured during installation. If a password is requested, check with your Siebel Application developer to determine the password that was specified during the Siebel Reports Server installation.

If the Actuate HTTP Service 8 and the Actuate Process Management Daemon 8 services both have a status of started and you still receive an error that Internet Explorer cannot is unable to locate or open the management console, there could be a problem in the system configuration. Contact your Siebel application developer.

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