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Process of Enabling Inbound Activity Filtering

This topic describes how to enable inbound activity filtering. Inbound activity filtering allows SSSE users to select which calendar and task records to synchronize from Microsoft Exchange to Siebel Business Applications.

To enable inbound activity filtering, perform the following tasks:

  1. Set the EnableInboundActivityFilter server component parameter to TRUE.

    For information on the EnableInboundActivityFilter parameter, see Modifying Enterprise and Server Component Parameters.

  2. For the Siebel Calendar and Siebel Task domains, set the default value of the Type field to Not Set, as described in Setting a Default Value for the Type Field.
  3. (Optional) Setting Up Translation Mappings for Inbound Activity Filtering.

    Select maps and set LOV values to determine the Microsoft Exchange fields SSSE uses to evaluate which Microsoft Exchange calendar and task records to synchronize with the Siebel database.

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