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Configuring System Alerts for Email Notification of DCOM Exchange Connector Synchronization Errors

This topic describes how to configure SSSE so that the administrator receives email notification of errors generated by the DCOM Exchange Connector during the inbound synchronization process.

This task is a step in Process of Configuring Email Notification of Synchronization Errors.

To enable email notification of DCOM Exchange Connector synchronization errors, perform the following procedure.

To configure system alerts for DCOM Exchange Connector synchronization errors

  1. Navigate to the Administration - PIM Server Integration screen, Configuration, and then the PIM Server Integration Configuration view.
  2. In the PIM Server Integration Configuration list, select the Exchange 2000/2003 Connector profile.
  3. In the Configuration Parameters list, create the following alert parameters, and specify values for the parameters as shown in the following table:



    A comma delimited email address list of the administrators to be notified



    The originating address of the email notification



    SMTP server name or IP address through which the email is sent



    Port number of the SMTP server

For each error generated by the DCOM Exchange Connector, an email notification is sent which includes the following information:

  • PIM user ID
  • PIM domain
  • PIM record ID
  • Error message

    The error message is the error code generated by the Exchange Connector.

The following shows an example of the information included in the email notification for a DCOM Exchange Connector error:

PIM User Id:

PIM Domain: IPM.Appointment

PIM Record Id: 4a737936622710408b008129a27f503700000002a1c5

Error Message: 0x80045004

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