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Configuring User Mailbox Access for the Exchange Service Account

The Exchange Connector uses the credentials of the user account under which it runs to interact with all of the Microsoft Exchange mailboxes in the Active Directory forest (one or more Active Directory domains that share certain characteristics and information). The Exchange Connector user account must have an active Microsoft Exchange mailbox account, and must have special mailbox access privileges to access other users' active Microsoft Exchange mailboxes. This topic describes how to configure access privileges to users' mailboxes for the Exchange Connector user account. For more information about these privileges, see About the Exchange Service Account.

This task is a step in Process of Configuring the Web Service Exchange Connector and Process of Configuring the DCOM Exchange Connector.

The following procedures describe two ways of configuring the necessary credentials to access user mailboxes: a method that uses a script, and a manual method.

  • Script Method. The method that uses a script is recommended if the Exchange Connector requires access to many users' mailboxes, as would be typical during deployment of SSSE. Separate scripts are provided for the different supported versions of Microsoft Exchange Server (2010, 2007, 2003). For more information on using the script method, see Configuring Exchange Service Account Access Permissions Using a Script.
  • Manual Method. The manual method is recommended if you only have to grant access to a few users' mailboxes, such as when you want to enable synchronization for a few new employees. For more information on using the manual method, see Configuring Exchange Service Account Access Permissions Manually.

NOTE:  You can run the Exchange Connector application under the same user account as the PIMSI Engine component, or under a different user account. Using different user accounts separates Siebel security settings and Microsoft Exchange security settings as much as possible.

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