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Configuring Exchange Connector Support

In SSSE's modular architecture, the Exchange Connector module provides the interface through which the PIMSI Engine communicates with an Exchange Server. SSSE supports two Exchange Connectors: a Web service Exchange Connector and a DCOM Exchange Connector.

This topic describes how to configure the type of Exchange Connector support that is available in your SSSE implementation. You can choose to support the Web service Exchange Connector only, or both the DCOM and Web service Exchange Connectors.

This task is a step in Roadmap for Configuring SSSE.

The following procedure describes how to configure Exchange Connector support.

To configure Exchange Connector support

  1. Navigate to the Administration - PIM Server Integration screen, then the Configuration view.
  2. In the PIM Server Integration Configuration list, select the Exchange Web Service Profile.
  3. In the Configuration Parameters list, navigate to the Connector Support section, and set the value of the Type parameter to one of the following values, depending upon your requirements:
    • Set Type to BOTH to enable support for both the DCOM and the Web service Exchange Connectors in your SSSE implementation (you cannot enable support for the DCOM Exchange Connector only).
    • Set Type to WEB_SERVICE to support only the Web service Exchange Connector in your SSSE implementation.

After configuring Exchange Connector support for your environment, you must configure the supported Exchange Connector as follows:

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