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Configuring SSSE for Multiple AD Forest Environments (Web Connector)

SSSE provides support for Microsoft Exchange environments that include more than one Active Directory forest. This topic describes how to configure SSSE to run in an environment in which a Web service Exchange Connector is implemented, and the Siebel Server computer running the Web service Exchange Connector is in a different AD forest to the host computer(s) running the Microsoft Exchange Server(s).

This task is a step in Process of Configuring the Web Service Exchange Connector.

To run SSSE in a multiple AD forest Microsoft Exchange environment with the Web service Exchange Connector, perform the following procedure.

To configure SSSE for multiple AD forest environments (Web Service Exchange Connector)

  1. Ensure the following requirements have been met:
    • You must be using Microsoft Exchange 2010.
    • The Web service Exchange Connector runs using the credentials of a specific user account that has access to the mailboxes of Active Directory (AD) users who have been enabled for synchronization.

      If the Web service Exchange Connector user account is not in the same domain as the Microsoft Exchange Server, then there must be a trust relationship between the two domains. There does not necessarily have to be a trust relationship between Microsoft Exchange Servers in different domains.

  2. For each domain containing Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 hosts that is in a different AD forest to the Exchange Connector host computer, configure an Autodiscover URL as described in Configuring the Autodiscover Service URL.
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