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About the Default Account Setting

One of the configuration items you can set using the Configuration Wizard is the Default Account setting. This topic describes how this setting affects synchronization.

Every business contact record that is stored in the Siebel database must be associated with an account. This association provides the account's Primary Address for the business contact. When a Siebel business contact is synchronized using SSSE, the Account and Account Location fields for the contact and the Account's Primary Address are synchronized with the Company Name field, the Office field, and the Address field in Microsoft Exchange, respectively.

If a user enters a value for the Address field for a contact record in Microsoft Outlook, but does not enter a value for the Company field and the Office field, a problem occurs when SSSE attempts to synchronize the record, because the Siebel data model cannot associate the address with the contact if there are no values for Account Name and Location. For this reason, it is recommended that users always include a Company name and Office value when entering a contact address in Microsoft Outlook.

To work around this problem, you can specify Account name and Account Location values that already exist in the Siebel database as the default values for the Account Name and Account Location fields. This allows the contact address from Microsoft Outlook to be synchronized with the Siebel database. However, that address is associated with the default account, since no account was supplied in Microsoft Outlook.

NOTE:  The Account Location field appears in the Contacts List and the Accounts List as the Site field.

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