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About Embedded Outlook Calendar

Embedded Outlook Calendar (EOC) lets users access their Microsoft Outlook calendar from within Siebel Business Applications.

The EOC interfaces with the Microsoft Exchange Server, and is a fully functional Outlook client that offers the same functionality as Microsoft Outlook. When appointments are created using the EOC, they are placed directly into the Microsoft Exchange Server and not the Siebel database. SSSE synchronizes these appointments into the Siebel database using PIMSI Engine. After this occurs, users can access the records originally created in the EOC in any Siebel Activity view.

The SSSE administrator can choose to give users access to only the EOC or both the EOC and the Siebel calendar. For more information about accessing the Siebel calendar and the Embedded Outlook Calendar, see About Siebel Calendars and Views.

NOTE:  Support for the Embedded Outlook Calendar is not available if you are using Microsoft Outlook 2010.

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